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Place your order by selecting the Order tab, then selecting the current week's game (use the Place Order link). Once in the order sheet, your account cash balance will be displayed at the top. This represents the amount of FAKE money you have to spend buying shares of each player.

To purchase a share, simply enter the amount, then select the Buy button.

To remove shares, simply enter the amount, then select the Remove button.

When you remove a player, the amount that was invested in the player returns to your cash balance. So, in order to change your portfolio, you must adjust the number of shares using these buttons.

If a player's price increases between weeks, then your account total value will also increase. For example, if you start with $500, and purchased 100 shares of PLAYER A, at a price of $5 per share, then you would have $0 case remaining. Suppose that player performed well in the next game, and their value increased to $8 per share. You own 100 shares, so your account is now worth $800 (100 x $8). You've earned $300 FAKE dollars! You will still have $0 cash balance, as your portfolio is still all invested in PLAYER A. You can then choose to continue ride PLAYER A, or you can remove shares (sell) at $8 per share. Your available balance to spend will increase by $8 for each share you remove. So if you remove 50 shares, then you will have $400 to spend on other players, and still own 50 shares of PLAYER A.

Current players:
Name Jersey Off/Def Position
Adam Lane 22 OFF RB
Ahmad Fulwood 5 OFF WR
Alex Anzalone 34 DEF MLB
Alex McCalister 14 DEF BUCK
Alvin Bailey 89 OFF WR
Andre Debose 4 OFF WR
Antonio Morrison 3 DEF MLB
Brandon Powell 15 OFF RB
Brian Poole 24 DEF CB
Bryan Cox, Jr. 94 DEF DE
C.J. Worton 14 OFF WR
Caleb Brantley 57 DEF DT
Chris Thompson 85 OFF WR
Clay Burton 88 OFF TE
Daniel McMillian 13 DEF WLB
Dante Fowler, Jr. 6 DEF BUCK
Darious Cummings 55 DEF DT
DeAndre Goolsby 30 OFF B
Demarcus Robinson 11 OFF WR
Duke Dawson 7 DEF S
Gerald Willis 92 DEF DE
Gideon Ajagbe 25 OFF FB
Hunter Joyer 41 OFF FB
J.C. Jackson 23 DEF CB
Jabari Gorman 2 DEF S
Jake McGee 83 OFF B
Jalen Tabor 5 DEF CB
Jarrad Davis 40 DEF MLB
Jay-nard Bostwick 99 DEF NT
Jeff Driskel 6 OFF QB
Joey Ivie 91 DEF DT
Jonathan Bullard 90 DEF DE
Jordan Sherit 17 DEF BUCK
Keanu Neal 42 DEF S
Kelvin Taylor 21 OFF RB
Latroy Pittman, Jr. 9 OFF WR
Leon Orr 8 DEF NT
Mack Brown 33 OFF RB
Marcell Harris 26 DEF S
Marcus Maye 20 DEF CB
Matt Jones 24 OFF RB
Michael Taylor 51 DEF WLB
Neiron Ball 11 DEF SLB
Nick Washington 22 DEF S
Quinton Dunbar 1 OFF WR
Raphael Andrades 86 OFF WR
Tevin Westbrook 87 OFF TE
Treon Harris 3 OFF QB
Valdez Showers 10 OFF WR
Vernon Hargreaves, III 1 DEF CB
Will Grier 7 OFF QB
User Name Current Total Balance
gatornutz 500.00
skybsbll 500.00
Number Date and time Opponent
0 Aug. 29, 2014, 1 a.m. PRE-SEASON
1 Aug. 30, 2014, 7 p.m. Idaho Place an order
2 Sept. 6, 2014, 4 p.m. Eastern Michigan
3 Sept. 13, 2014, 7:30 p.m. Kentucky
4 Sept. 20, 2014, midnight Alabama
5 Oct. 4, 2014, midnight Tennessee
6 Oct. 11, 2014, midnight LSU
7 Oct. 18, 2014, midnight Missouri
8 Nov. 1, 2014, 3:30 p.m. Georgia
9 Nov. 8, 2014, midnight Vanderbilt
10 Nov. 15, 2014, midnight South Carolina
11 Nov. 22, 2014, midnight Eastern Kentucky
12 Nov. 29, 2014, midnight Florida State

Each player accumulates points based on the system detailed below. The points are then fed into an algorithm that determines that player's performance against the team as a whole. The player's price is then increased or decreased based on their relative performance.

3.0 points per Passing Touchdown
6.0 points per Rushing/Receiving/Return Touchdown
-6.0 points per Interception Thrown
-6.0 points per Lost Fumble
0.04 points per Pass Yard
0.1 points per Rush Yard
0.5 points per Reception
0.1 points per Receiving Yard
0.04 points per Punt Return Yard
0.04 points per Kick Return Yard

2.0 points per Solo Tackle
0.5 points per Assisted Tackle
2.0 points per Tackle for Loss
0.5 points per Tackle for Load Yard
4.0 points per Sack
0.5 points per Sack Yard
6.0 points per Interception
0.1 points per Interception Return Yard
2.0 points per Pass Break Up
2.0 points per QB Hurry
6.0 points per Fumble Recovery
0.5 points per Fumble Recovery Yard
6.0 points per Forced Fumble
6.0 points per Blocked Kick/Punt

Week # Date Opponent Player Quantity Pre-Game Price Post-Game Price